Friday, October 29, 2010

Happy Halloween!!

Hi everyone, HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! As some of you know this is my FAVORITE holiday and this year it looks like it's going to be a lot of fun!  Tonight I will be decorating my friend's house for her party tomorow and then we're going to see the Rocky Horror picture show.  Tomorow a bunch of my friends are getting together and we are all celebrating the night at my friend Ryan/Meg's house. Eeveryone is going to be dressed to the max which is alaways fun!

I was talking to Jordan earlier in the week and he wasn't sure if people in Finland celebrated Halloween but come to find out they are celebrating it tonight.  I asked him if he was going to go out and dress up and  he gave me some snide remark because he has a game tomorow. That stinks. I know how he feels because I only REALLY got to go out one year in College because our play-offs ALAWAYS landed on Halloween weekend. Oh well, maybe next year Jordy.  Until then I am providing you all with come spooktastic pictures of us. Enjoy!!

Monday, October 25, 2010

A little clarification

So my sister and brother in law were over the house yesterday to watch the Patriots game and we were catching up and got talking about the blog and what was new with Jordan etc..  John (my brother in law) started laughing at me about some of my posts that have interviews with Jordan in them because of the broken English.  For instance:

Did you get a number of deals in Europe?- I got offers from a few different countries and different leagues. Some of the contracts were rahakkaampia than others. The most important thing was that I get to play in an exclusive series and I get a lot of responsibility. My agent recommended River Boys, and after talking on the phone with Jukka I was convinced my desire to become a river boy.

He was like what the heck is "rahakkaampia"? and whats with the last sentance "I was convinced my desire to become a river boy"? It makes no sense.  Haha he is absolutely right and I'm sure most of you have been thinking the same thing.   I mean thank god for google-translate but JEESH! I can barely read it when it is in English nevermind Finnish! 

I just thought I would clear things up and let you know that NO, I am not translating this myself and YES, I completely understand if you don't get what's going on in half of these posts haha. 

Also, this conversation sparked my curiosity about the Finnish language in general and LET ME TELLYOU it is the CRAZIEST thing I have ever heard!  I usually brush off comments Jordan makes about the language because I thought he was just being lazy or wasn't interested in learning Finnish...For instance I asked him the other day to teach me some words that he knew but he told me he had only learned two words fo far: "Moro" (which I think means goodbye or thank you), and a swear word (not suitable to reference on this blog) that he uses on the ice.  I really couldn't believe that he had LITERALLY only learned two words and only one of them truly being legitimate haha. He has been in Finland for almost 3 months, you can't blame me for being skeptical haha.  Anyway, I have totally changed my opinion on the matter because after watching some video interviews of people on his team I have decided that I will be LUCKY to learn/understand even one word while I am in there visiting.  Just so you can all understand where I am coming from I am posting this YouTube link that has the Finnish interviews of the players I have been watching. 

Good luck to those dare to who watch because I certainly could not make heads or tails of it!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Lots of catching up!

OK OK I KNOWWW I haven't blogged in over a month but this girl has been busy!  Hopefully I have some loyal "Everything Fin" fans out there still :o)

Alright where to start;  Jordan's team is ranked 3rd  right now in the Mestis league and has 35 games left to play.
Jordan and his team have been playing much better from the beginning of the season. They have made changes in the lines and are starting to get some team chemistry.  Jordan is on 3rd line right now playing RIGHT WING!! Thats right, a new position for him.  I talked to him about it and he said that it's working out really well.  He said the ice is just so much bigger in Finland that he can play that position but act as if he was still playing center.  Check out the HUGE rink/ice!

Jordan also has a new line mate, (Samu Pitkanen), who works really well with his style of play. 
Currently Jordan has 1 goal and 7 assists for a total of 8 points in 11 games (per elite prospects website).  He also had his best game of the season so far the other night and got second star of the game!

Jordan said that the coach made a speech after the game to all of the guys in the locker room and singled him out saying that Jordan has contributed so much to the team the past four games and everyone else should step it up to play at his level!  Great Job 2-6 we are all proud of you back here in North America!

Hmm other than hockey Jordan said he has been having a good time with the guys when they go out.  Nothing new to report there really...I guess the normal thing after a big win is to drink beer in the locker room, drink beer the in sauna, go to one of the guys apartments to play some games and then go out to the bar.  Usually I'll get a phone call after that...say 4:00 am his time/9 pm my time with an update of his activities throughout the night.  The last phone call I got was him telling me that he was really happy that hockey is going so well but that he missed everyone back home.  So for all of you that don't get to talk to him that often I am relaying the message to you that he misses you!!  He also let me know that his roommate reminds him alot of me because he trips, hits his had, and has absolutley no coordination when it comes to anything else beyond sports haha.  Thanks honey, glad to know that special part of me is with you in Finland haha.

Speaking of people/things from home, he has received a bunch of packages from people so far and has really appreciated each and every one of them.  People alaways ask what to send him so I thought I would make a list here for you all to reference:

Chew-In no way do I condone this
French Dressing
Subway giftcard
Wheat thins
Wheat Pasta
Macaroni and Cheese
iTunes giftcard
Winter Hats
Ketchup Chips
American Express Giftcard

And thats all I can think of so far.  Completely random things but you know Jordan...he doesn't really tell me too many specifics.  A little fair warning before you send him a is REALLY expensive.  It cost my parents $50 to send him a 10lb box but if any of you want to send him a package and need his address just message me on facebook/send me an email.

Alright thats all I got for today.  Please understand that getting information from Jordan is like pulling teeth....literally...but I promise I will be more on the ball with the blog since there are so many Jordan Fox fans out there :o)  I will leave you all with a new player picture they posted of him.....definitely the best one I have seen of him yet!!