Friday, May 27, 2011

Update: ALL IS WELL!!!

SO many things to tell you all about, I don't think I can fit it one post.....but I'll do my best.

First and foremost, MY MOM HAD A SUCCESSFUL SURGERY!!!

They were able to remove the large tumor in her brain and since the surgery she has been feeling 100x better!  They put her on a new kind of chemo therapy and reduced the dosage of the drug she was having trouble with.  Today she is going to have 87 staples in her head removed so I think she's feeling a little anxious.  The surgery did leave her with a big U-shaped scar but I told her it just gives her an excuse to get another "fly" wig haha.  She's got like 4 at home and she was rocking a "longer" style at one point but my dad told her he thought she looked like Ringo Starr when she wore it haha.  Needless to say she she wasn't pleased with that comment and wanted to switch it up.  Who knows...maybe she'll take a page from my book and go blonde?!

Anyway, with major surgery there is a long recovery period so it will take her time to get back to 'normal' strength.  She has been working really hard in rehab to get strong enough to really enjoy herself at the wedding.  I told her she needs to be able to dance at least one song with me so I think she's taking that to heart and is doing the best she can with her exercises.  I let her know that people in blogger land are routing for her and that she had support from people out there she doesn't even know personally.  She thought that was awesome so I just want to thank all of you for your thoughts, prayers, and kind words!

She may or may not kill me for posting this but I just wanted to show how well she is doing.  Love you Mom!


Anyone out there know Kate Middleton or Prince William's cell phone # because I'm probably going to need while we are in ENGLAND so we can become best friends ;o)

That's right the Fox's are shipping off to Nottingham England Wohoo!!!  I'll obviously dedicate more posts about this but until then, click HERE to see the team press release.  All I have to say is that I am sooo PUMPED!!

(Nottingham Panthers Logo courtesey of Google Search)

Last topic....our "Engagement" pictures are in.  Haha I can't help but laugh at this one...we've been "engaged" for over a year and a half but we decided to take the pictures a couple of months ago.  Anyway, here a a few of my favorites:

Lots of information to process I know but a lot has happened in the past month so I felt like I needed to get it out with one big "bang". 

Anyway, more to come with the Wedding plans and MOVING TO ENGLAND!!

Take Care Everyone,

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I've been avoiding this....

Because there really isn't any update to give you on my Mom's surgery.

Last Friday she ended up being admitted into the Emergency Department because her blood-sugar levels were way off.  I'm pretty sure normal blood sugar level is 100-200, (but don't take my word for that I'm not a clinician or a diabetic), and hers was through the roof at 600.  Needless to say she wasn't strong enough to have the surgery.

She has been doing much better since she has been in the hospital and her blood sugar level is now down to 200.  She was actually scheduled for the surgery yesterday but got bumped because the surgery scheduled before her's took longer then expected.  Now we just have to play the waiting game until Friday when she is scheduled again.

I can't imagine what she's really feeling like throughout this whole process.  She told me she just wants it to be done and over and that shes frustrated that things keeps getting in the way.....but truly she must be exhausted.  I know me and the rest of my family are.

It's hard when you are told that the surgery is going to be done and it never ends up happening.  I have found myself mentally and emotionally prepping for it everyday since Friday and it really takes a lot out of you.  I can't help but think to myself when I get off of the phone with her, "was that last time I'm going to talk to her?"  I know I'm putting added pressure on myself by thinking that things like that but I just can't help it.

She is coming home for the next two days and I'm going to spend as much time as possible with her before she goes back for the surgery Friday.  Hopefully she'll feel better in her own environment and eating her own food so that she is healthy and strong enough for surgery Friday.

I don't know, maybe the surgery wasn't meant to be until this Friday?  Maybe it was in God's plan to keep getting it pushed back?  I'm not a super religious person but I had a terrible feeling about the surgery last Friday and I honestly didn't think she was going to make it.  Maybe pushing the surgery back was God's way of keeping her safe and answering all those prayers said for her out there.

With that said, I want to thank you all for your kind words, thoughts, and prayers.  They are truly appreciated and have helped get my mom get stronger for surgery this time around.  I'll keep you posted on how everything goes on Friday. 


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Getting Personal

I've never been a downer nor have I wanted to divulge some serious personal details about my life on this blog, but I feel like it's time to share something that has been weighing heavy on my mind.

If you have been keeping up with my blog you'll know that I am getting married in a couple of months and couldn't be more excited about the big day.  What you don't probably know is that there is someone out there who is just as excited, if not more, as me and Jordan for our wedding day;  That person is my Mom.

Sure you might be thinking to yourself that this is normal for a lot of brides, but I don't think many share the same circumstances.  My mom has been battling Metastatic Breast Cancer for 11 years.  For those of you who aren't familiar with clinical terms, it means that she was diagnosed with breast cancer, spent a few years in remission, and then the cancer came back and spread to her bones.  The cancer will never go away.

She told me a couple of weeks ago that 96% of the people that were diagnosed with the same cancer back in 2000 are now dead which, A) was a shocker, and B) goes to show you how strong she is.  Honestly, she is the type of woman who has never shown weakness and has never had a pity party for herself.  If you met her off the street you would have no idea that she even had cancer...unless of course you caught her at the gym that one time and her wig fell off...but that's a lighter/funnier story for another day.

Anyway, she has been battling cancer for a long time now and she has always used "benchmarks" as motivation.  For instance she said she wanted to live long enough to see a grand child.  My niece Julia was born three years ago.  Another goal was to see me graduate from college, (a major event in our lives given my wild high school years), which was was accomplished in 2008.  Her last major goal was to see me get married which brings us full circle in terms of relevance to this post.

The reason I decided to share this with you now is because her health has seriously declined in the past month.  Tumors have spread to her brain and the medicine her doctors have prescribed has been making her too tired to do anything.  I'm sure most of you understand the fatigue, but for this woman, (who I used to call momzilla when I first got engaged), to not be excited for anything that has to do with the wedding is really hard to see.  She has been so into the wedding thus far that it breaks my heart to see her not be able to participate or enjoy wedding related events.  For example I had my first bridal fitting last night and I know it was something she had been looking forward too for a long time.  Tonight we have our tasting and I know that if she is even able to go, she'll only be able to eat one or two bites of a three course meal. 

Anyway, she is having surgery on Friday to remove the tumors in her brain and the procedure will be done by a world-renowned surgeon at Massachusetts General Hospital.  Hopefully this will take care of her fatigue and she'll be healthier for the wedding in July so she'll be able to reach her last goal and enjoy herself that day. Please keep your fingers crossed for her and our family!

I Love you Mom if your reading this!