Tuesday, September 14, 2010

2010-2011 Jokipojat Media Guide

You can access the team media guide by clicking this link

Hockey aside, I think Jordan may have a future in Modeling.  Below we see Jordan modeling a white Jokipojat player's Jersey paired with blue jeans, an interesting hair-do, and a handsome smile.  I see some serious potential but I think I may need to teach him how to "work it".  I would need to teach him in person so until I visit Finland  I think our friend in red at the bottom of the page could be a solid fill in for me.  He has obviously done this before ;o)

Jordan Fox page in Jokipojat 2010-11 Media Guide

Please tell us a little about yourself?- My name is Jordan Fox, I was born in Canada, the family moved to the U.S. when I was 8 years old. I'm engaged to be married, and the wedding is next summer. I have played hockey from an early age, one might say that hockey is my life.

Did you get a number of deals in Europe?- I got offers from a few different countries and different leagues. Some of the contracts were rahakkaampia than others. The most important thing was that I get to play in an exclusive series and I get a lot of responsibility. My agent recommended River Boys, and after talking on the phone with Jukka I was convinced my desire to become a river boy.

Why did you come to Europe this season?- I am not able to stabilize my seat AHL team, so I needed new challenges uralleni. Many North Americansplayers have received a boost when entering careers in Europe. My goal is to become a better hockey player, and able to play in European top series.

Have you enjoyed your time in Joensuu, Finland?- I really enjoyed my time here. Joensuu is a beautiful city, people here are friendly and they have treated mewell.

During your career you've been playing mostly in a small rink, what Mehtimäen "airport" feel?- It's been really weird when you have so much time and space. It requires some getting used to, but I believe that by the beginning of the season I will have learned the tricks the big rink.

How do you think the big rink needs your style of play?- I am a Playmaker-style player, so I like the fact that there is more time.

What are your strengths hockey player?- I am a hard worker, and I play always with a big heart, I will never give up. While we were at a loss 7-0, I will not stop gambling, but I press the loud end of the match. I also like to play physical hockey, taklaan much and, where appropriate, the defending team friends glory.

What are your goals for the forthcoming season?- I do not want to set any personal goals, but I hope to develop as a person and hockey player, I would simply like to become a better player. A team, we can not have any other ambition than the championship.

What would you say to the fans?- I want to meet many fans as possible and hope that they will arrive in droves hall to encourage the teams.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Week in Review

Not much to report from Finland this week.  I haven't been able to talk to Jordy to much this week because he has had a couple of games and his internet hasn't been running well.  When I did talk to him he said Jokipojat hasn't had a very good week game wise...they lost 5-3 in their exhibition game in the beginning of the week and  they are currently losing right now 4-1 (I am streaming the game live from their website).  Luckily they are only exhibtion games and don't count towards their season.  Jordy said he didn't have the best game the other night but if you know Jordan than you know that he is a lot harder on himself than the rest of us.  He said he was determined to have a much better game today and hopefully he is playing well and his hard work with training is paying off.  He said that next week will be has last week of 4-a-day practices which he is extremely happy about.  The training in Finland has certainly been tough on him when he is only used to one practice a day and maybe a list after in the States.  Hopefully the hard work he puts in now will be rewarded later in the season when he is in top shape.  I personally can't imagine having 4-a-day practices....I remember having double sessions, (never mind quadruple sessions), in college for soccer and I literally thought my legs were going to fall off.  He has reported back to me that his legs are still in tact so that's a positive :o)
Beyond hockey Jordan is still liking Finland.  He said the weather has been beautiful and he likes the city of Joensuu.  He is in walking distance to the town center which is nice because he can get anything he needs there.  He said that there are nice retaurants, Bars, and clubs right around the center which are usually busy because the University is located down the street.  He went out with a couple of the guys on the team this past weekend to a local bar and he said he had alot fun.  Apparetnly he was invited over to one of the guy's apartment complex's to have a "sauna" before they went to the bar.  I guess thats what they do in Finland.  Go to the sauna, have a beer, then go out to the bar.  Strange but interesting.  I couldn't help but think that they must look fabulous when they go out because they are sweating out all of the bad toxins in their body and dropping dome serious water weight.  Maybe i'll bring this tradition to the states and me and my friends can test it out :o)

As for what I've been up to, I've moved back home and have gotten back into the routine of things.  I now have an hour and a half commute (with traffic) to work as opposed to my 15 minute drive down the road from our apartment in Natick.  I'm not loving the commute but what I am excited about is getting back into the gym.  I had been going 4/5 days a week before Jordan came to live in MA with me.  Let me tell you it is EASY to get out of shape.  Cardio-wise I am fine because I had been running all summer but lifting was a different story.  I could only lift like 30 lbs on the machines I was working out on, opposed to 60 lbs I used to lift back 6 months ago.  No worries though, I'll get there again because Bridal bod 2010-2011 has commenced and there is no way i'm going to be flabby on the big day!!

Other than my transition back home I've been busy planning my birthday and labor day weekend.  I was kind of bummed earlier in the week because it would be ANOTHER birthday I wouldn't be spending with Jordan.  In  6 years I have only got to spend 1 birthday with him which is hard for me because I alaways see my friends and their significant others going out for romantic birthday dinners and getting awesome birthday surprises.  I was also led to belive a birthday present wasn't in the budget this year so I felt like I had nothing to look forward too. LUCKILY I HAVE THE BEST FIANCE IN THE WORLD and he surprised me with some GORGEOUS flowers he sent to my work.  He was being sneaky but the surprise was definitely worth it! So heres to not bumming about my birthday and to the guy who makes me smile thousands of miles away!!  Love you and see you NEXT birthday ;o)

Thank You Jordan they are beautiful!