Saturday, October 1, 2011

Why we're in Nottingham and life as of late

Wow it feels like it's been a VERY long time since I posted.  I know I keep saying I'll try to be better about writing more often but it's hard to sit down and write when your having so much fun!
Anyway, I was reading through some of my previous posts when I realized that I haven't really given any details about the reason why we are

This year we decided the best opportunity for our family was in Nottingham England.  Here, Jordan can play on a great team and get his degree at the same time.  Not to mention English is the main language (thank god!).  Sure I wouldn't have minded going to other places in Europe to play this season but I think it is best that we start our life as newlyweds in a place that is easy on both of us.  Jordan will be able to understand the coach and his teammates, and I will be able to get a job MUCH easier.

Speaking of coaches and teammates, the Nottingham Panthers are doing great this season.  They are 6 and 1 so far and Jordy has 12 team points.  From what I have heard from a lot of the players, there seems to be great team chemistry and everyone gets along with each other.  I think in Jordan's case he is playing so well because he has his wife family here.  Yes that's right, we are not the only two from the Wilson-Fox clan over in England this year.  Jordan's cousin Brock also signed with the team and has been playing extremely well too! 
Brock, Me and Jordy

As for the two of them playing hockey together, they seem to be flip flopping. One game Jordy gets stitched up, then next Brock gets a tooth knocked out. The next weekend Brock gets thrown out of a Saturday game and Jordy gets thrown out on Sunday. Not sure if there is a sibling rivalry going on here, (because they are like brothers), or what, but they are definitely keeping things interesting.

Jordy stitched up

Brock with his tooth knocked out

It has been so nice having another family member here because we know we always have back up and support if we ever need anything and vice versa.  For instance in the beginning of the season when we were having Internet problems we could just go over his place and hang out at his all day and conference call our family back home.  It was great and made things so much easier.

We all hang out a lot which is fun because we don't need to go through the "do I need to act proper in front of this person" stage because we have known each other for years and we can just relax and be ourselves to the fullest.  Not to mention we all went to college together so we have seen each other at our worst during our not so shining moments haha.

A couple of weeks ago Brock, Jordan and I went to our first English football (soccer) game together and we had a great time.  It wasn't exactly the greatest caliber of play I have seen but it was nice to check out the atmosphere and see the English soccer style.  We also got the tickets for free which doesn't hurt either ;o)

It was pretty cool walking into the stadium and seeing so many die hard football fans.  Unfortunately back in the states soccer doesn't get the type of notoriety it deserves so it's awesome to live in a country where it dominates.  Notts County is in the 2nd or 3rd league so the stadium wasn't packed but I was still amazed to see as many people as I did at the game.The chants we're awesome and there was such a good vibe coming from the crowd. Notts County is also the Worlds Oldest football club so that added to the excitement of the atmosphere.  The only thing I didn't like about the game was that you weren't allowed to bring beer to your seats in the stadium. Real Busch League. To all of you English Football fans out there...does that rule apply in all stadiums?  You just have to chug your beer before you go back to your seat?  I don't mind a little chugging here and there especially when the beers are only like 3 pounds but can't a girl just enjoy a cold one and watch the match at the same time?

Ok enough of the beer rant...but it is a nice seg-way into my next topic...Monday Fundays.  The boys have had away games on Sunday the past few weeks so they have been getting back to Nottingham at like 4:00 in the morning.  Obviously they are tired the next day but they have it off and can do whatever they want.  Which is where Monday Funday comes in.  I had the pleasure of reliving the glory days with Brock, Jordan, and Brocks roomie Matt this past Monday and partook in a little day drinking.  It was awesome and it was just what I needed because I was starting to miss home and my friends and seeing all the fun they were having without me was just about killing me.
So we started our little adventure at this place called Cape where we got a table outside and sipped on Blue Moons.  I'm pretty sure Cape is the only place I have seen so far that sells Blue Moon tall guys for only 4 pounds so I'm sure I will be back.  Next we headed to the casino and won some money on the slots which we obviously used for our drinks the rest of the night.  We headed to a couple other bars later on and finished the night of with some McDonalds.  What more could a girls ask for?  Just like home haha.  I'm not sure my body can handle many more Monday Fundays but we shall see.

How could you not love Monday Funday...I know these guys do!

All in all we are having a great time over here and we're happy with our decision.  Jordan starts school next week and I will be applying for jobs.  I'll keep you posted on our non-hockey lives too but that's it for now.