Our Story

Jordan and I met at at Merrimack College, a small school in New England, our Freshman year.  We were living in the same dorm building and were introduced to each other through a mutual friend.  He was on the hockey team and I was on the soccer team so we kind of hung out in the same "athlete" crowd.  After we were introduced to each other I had heard through the grape vine that he had developed a serious crush.  Me on the the other hand was told to stay away from the hockey players because they were "bad news".  So I tried to distance myself as much as possible but ultimately got reeled in by his charm :o)

Here we are Freshman year...babies!
After spending two years at Merrimack together Jordan decided to pursue his hockey career and play professionally.  He moved to Michigan and had had an outstanding rookie year; he quickly became a fan favorite and knew he had made the right decision to leave school.  Me on the other hand was having a hard time adjusting to our long distance relationship and was sad that he was so far away.  Luckily I had soccer to play and an awesome group of friends at school to keep me occupied.  I probably got to see him 5 times a year on average which was certainly tough, but all the more special when we spent time together.

Visiting Michigan
Our long distance relationship during college was tough and unfortunately got harder as the years passed.  We had discussed that after I graduated I would move with him where ever he played next season but that didn't end up happening due to fear of struggling financially.  We didn't know if I would be able to find a job where he was playing and my student loan bills were extremely high.  I ended up getting a job in Massachusetts and had begun to develop my professional career while he continued to play hockey in Georgia and Wheeling the next two seasons.
We were both so tired of doing the long distance relationship business that we decided that it was going to be all or nothing for us.  That Christmas he spent the holiday with my family and ended up proposing! I was shocked because we had been discussing it but I really didn't think it was going to happen any time soon.

Right after he proposed!

Your probably thinking that after we got engaged I quit my job and we spent the rest of the season together....but you are mistaken.  I didn't even go with him the next season he was playing in FINLAND.  Yes he had decided to make the move overseas because it was the best move for his career.  We figured that it would be best to save up as much money as possible for the wedding which meant that I should probably keep my job.  Besides...what was ONE more season of long distance?  Let me tell you, it was TOUGH.  It was really hard getting used to the time change, only getting to visit him once in 7 months, and relying Skype as the only way to see my man.

This is us in Finland during my ONLY visit this season

After the grueling season in Finland it was time for Jordan to come home and start helping me plan for the wedding.  We both worked hard, saved money, did countless hours of planning, and finally had the wedding of our dreams.  It was honestly the best day of my life so far and the start to the crazy journey we're headed on.