Monday, August 30, 2010

Jordy interview 8/29/2010

(English Translation)

Fox's championship in sight renewal

Mestis championships defensive Jokipojat season leaves quite a new situation. The continuity of the well-known joensuulaisseuran pelaajistosta majority has changed, and the composition of the new names the largest number for many season. According to accommodate the Yankee spirit striker Jordan Fox. Overtime met a man on the team, rarely free.

-Team Friends have done everything possible to help me. Language has been a challenge, but they have helped in many everyday situations. The city is very beautiful. I went with the coach eating the river and the landscape was incredible, says Jordan's new team at Fox and his hometown.

How AHL experience licensed jacket man then went to Joensuu?

- My agent suggested such a possibility. He knows the River Boys' goalkeeper coach, Timo Järvinen. I know, they discussed the preliminary goalkeepers, but when it became clear that the club is also looking for sentteriä, our way as if the nineteenth century.
- I think I have pretty all-around sentteri but more pelintekijä type. Strengths are a good shot and the supply of know-how. I also like taklaamisesta. Greatest weakness, especially now comes the big troughs are skating, which I would like to develop, analyze sentteri.
Fox's statistics are also plenty of penalty minutes and a man not afraid to use his fists.

- I really do not merely a fighter. If joukkuekavereitani mistreated, such as the back or taklataan huidotaan, then the fights if necessary.

The first time in the troughs

26-year-old Fox is originally Canadian, but grew up near St. Louis Kirkwood a small town. Hockey man found in a small boy.

- September can be found in my family. Isoukkini, my grandfather and uncle both played hockey. I was not really a choice (laughs). Another sedistäni even played in the NHL. Naturally, he was the biggest idol as a little boy, but also had great role models for Doug Gilmour and Brendan Shanahan, "recalls Fox.

Sentteri kolunnut are many series in America. Experience can also find the top farmisarjasta AHL through, the lower ECHL through, and several other sub-series and the series of university.

Jordan Foxilla belt is also ECHL's all-stars match.

- AHL was an amazing experience. There speed and skill level are at a very high level and not very far from the NHL through. ECHL is again one level lower than the AHL. America clearly the levels go in steps.

- In the first AHL game playing in the same chain with Brandon Nolan. The next day he was called up to the Carolina Hurricanes in rows. It was very exciting when your own guy chain went - in a bit älysi how close the NHL was. If I had done some things differently, do not know although I would have reached, frets Fox.

Last season's ECHL Wheeling Nailers team did not progress, even until the playoffs.

- Season had a weak team and myself. I do not really ever found a chemistry with joukkuekavereideni. I wish I could help my team more, which, however, frets Fox tahkosi season through the nearly point-per game pace.

The future of Finland?

River Boys one of the worst opponents, and at the same time a master candidate, KooKoo, signed a try-out agreement Fox, last season's team-mate Yaworskin with Blair. Also last season, Jokerit SM-Liiga defended Alex Brooks is a man familiar.

- Blair then put the text that this possibility should exist. Only yesterday I was talking with him. Blair has had difficulties with the time difference and he is a bit ill, but otherwise has reportedly gone well.
Only two weeks the team had sentteri knew, however, tell you who gets to enjoy performances joensuulaisyleisö next season.

- Kämppikseni Roberts' Jeki "Jekimovs is a very promising young man. In addition, Henri ketjukaverillani Kiviojalla is a great future ahead of him. "Stone" is a very intelligent player and he has a great shot. I believe that we have in front of a great season together.

Nothing sighted goals Foxilla Numerically not paint in the volume and the active surfaces of the case.

- The primary goal for this season is to win a championship. Within a few years tähtään SM-league. Alex (Brooks) is a much praised series. Of course, also to become a better player and a Finnish hockey learning is important, if sometimes head of SM-League, says Fox interview at the end.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

1 Week Down 32 To Go

Well it has been a week and a half since Jordan's departure from Massachusetts and we have started to get into a groove of things. Phone calls are still a little unpredictable because he is still in preseason and getting everything else situated in Finland. I usually get to hear from him once a day while I am work and sometimes late at night, (early in the morning for him), we get to video chat. I'm slowly but surely starting to get back into my old routine when Jordan is away and I stay here in MA. I am moving out of our summer apartment this weekend which will be bitter sweet because we had a great summer living there. It will be sad letting a piece of our lives together go BUT it will be nice to be able to start saving some money for the wedding.

As for Hockey, things seem to be going really well for Jordan. I believe he has 1 goal and two assists in two exhibition games so far. He says the style of play in Finland is much different than the U.S... He says they rely heavily on skill and little on hitting. He told me in these words exactly "I've just been running over guys" and laughed at himself because he knows he usually isn't the "tough guy" on the team. He told me that this has been the best team hockey wise he has played for because the guys on the team just love to to play. It is hockey at it's purest. He said the locker room is awesome because there is absolutely no politics involved. There are no guys complaining about which line they are playing on ,or if they have been called up or sent down, or fighting over who actually got the point. The guys on the team are just happy to be playing hockey and that is how it should be. For the love of the game. Jordan also told me that his coach, (Jukka Really) is great and that he had never met/played for a coach that was so passionate about hockey. He is only 30 so he can still relate to the guys and he apparently spends ALL DAY at the rink because he is so committed to the team. Jordy said he could have a 3 hour conversation about hockey with the guy everyday and it would never get old. I could not have wished for Jordan to be in a better situation for hockey because it seems like such a positive environment for him and relieves a lot of pressure he felt playing in the U.S..

In other Finland news I got to see Jordan's apartment over video chat and the place looks pretty nice. It is definitely a nicer apartment than the place he was living in Wheeling last year BUT doesn't quite compare to Gwinnett; I don't think many places can. His bedroom is tiny and he doesn't have a TV. in it but Jordy said the only time he is really in there is to sleep so I don't think that matters too much to him. The kitchen looked clean and in good condition and the living room looked to be a good size for Jordan and his roommate. They do have a flat screen TV. so they have been able to play their video games as if they were in the states. Jordan said one day a guy on his team spent the entire day over at his apartment because he had never played video games before and he became hooked. Jordan said he likes the flat screen and the apartment in general but his FAVORITE part is the panther statue they have in their living room lol. I saw the statue and personally I think it's kind of creepy and really random but to each is own. To give you followers a reference please see below to an almost exact replica of the statue living in Jordans apartment.

P.S. imagine this statue with red eyes and standing 4 ft tall.


Well that’s all I got for you folks on Jordan's first week in Finland. Please send your love and prayers for him that his body will recover after the 4-a-day training sessions he has had to endure while practicing with 19 yr olds!!! He may have the face of someone in their teens but at 26 Jordy is no longer a young pup ;o)

Friday, August 20, 2010


Congrats Jordan on your first goal in Finland!!! W7-2
Jokipojat-SaPKo 7-2 (2-1, 2-0, 3-1)

River Boys also performed mightily in the second week of the training match. Now got banged Savonlinna Pallokerho, who fell in Outokumpu crushed Reading 7-2. Jordan Fox (1 +1), opened the taps to score ten o'clock minutes in the game, and not let Jokipojat SaPKoa never properly be included in the game. Replied to the hardest-power Tatu Miettinen (2 +1) and Sami Puruskainen (1 +2). Emil Sivonen played a good match with paint rejecting double standards 35 times

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

First (Exhibtion) Game in Finland!

Looks like Jordy had an assist and in his first game playing for Jokipojat! W5-1

English Translation: River Boys, Spike 5-1 (0-0, 3-1, 2-0)

Only just over a week period to practice on the ice to reach River Boys on Wednesday Outokumpu strong evidence to date skills. Spike was kind of Joensuu feet as much as 5-1. River Boys all kentälliset succeeded in making paint. Most effective as a man suddenly hääri Tatu Miettinen 2 0. Yankee Sentteri Jordan Fox has not yet stood out in bigger population, but the snapper's debut match one entry point. Antti paint Härmä played strongly and rejected as without all 38 shots for the opponent.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Jordy and Coach Interview 8/17/2010
*Note* If you want to watch the video attached to this link you need to click the "1" above Jordan's picture.

Translation (Broken English):
River Boys' Canadian-American League Fox arrived in Jordan on Monday evening, Joensuu. 26-year-old Fox River Boys playing shirt for tomorrow, Wednesday, Outokumpu training match against Hokkia Kajaani.

Fox expects excited about the start of games Pojissa River.
I am now for the first time in Europe. River Pojissa goal is to guide the team Mestis champion, Fox says.
Fox is originally from Canada, but he also has U.S. citizenship. Joensuu, he arrived in the United States from his home in St. Louis.
179-centimeter Fox played in the last two seasons, the league ECHL and AHL-league team in five different ranks.
The attached video is Jordan Fox River Boys, and head coach Jukka Really comments.

The Big Goodbye

Well it is that time of year again...Hockey season.  Jordy has decided to play in the Finland pro-league for Jokipojat.  Not quite sure how to pronounce that team name yet but it's all a work in progress.  This will be a major change for Jordan, me, and everyone in his life but hopefully it is a positive one.  There is a 7 hour time difference between Finland and the states/Canada which is definitely challenging so far.  Jordan called me this morning as I was headed to work and I said "what are you doing up so early" and he had to remind me that it was 3:00 pm his time and that he had already been to a morning skate, had lunch with the coach, took a tour of Joensuu, and was headed to his afternoon skate. This blew my mind since I am NOT a morning person and couldn't comprehend all the things he had done so far when I had just woken up and not had my coffee. 

Getting used to the time difference will be a struggle but luckily he has skype set up and and he can call me in between skates/practices while I am work.  I'm also going to start bringing my lap top to work so I can actually see him when he calls and I am on my break.  It will definitely take me some time to get used to saying  goodnight to him when it will only be 3 pm here.

Other than the time difference things are pretty much the same as they have been for the past years when Jordy goes to a new team and plays.  Very busy and tired during pre-season but in good spirits.  He told me that all of the guys on the team seem very nice and that is roommate speaks English pretty well so it should be a somewhat smooth transition.  He also told me that the coach assured him that he is living in a nice apartment and that everything will be set up when he gets there.  He also said that he is going to a press conference today which he is excited about and that there were a bunch of fans at the rink to watch him play yesterday.

All in all it sounds like Jordan is doing well over there so far and hopefully he will be even better when hockey starts.  I am still a little sad that he is gone after spending a great summer together but I'm going to keep busy with the wedding and this blog which should keep my mind off of it.  I decided that a blog would be a good way for us all to stay connected with Jordy while he is over there.  I have put links on here which will get you to Jordy's team website, his stats, a Finnish to English translator, a time converter and other helpful tips and information.  Please check back often for this one stop shop blog for everything Finland and Jordy & Hill!