Thursday, September 15, 2011

Getting to know Nottingham

Where to begin?  Well I suppose I should tell you how my girls night out went while the boys were away in Belfast.  We started the night at this really cool bar called the Pitcher and Piano.  It’s actually and old cathedral church in the center of town that was transformed into a bar/club.  The place is incredible with a bar, dance floor, and lounge area downstairs, and upstairs is the VIP area that wraps around the church.  The Pitcher and Piano had an all around good vibe to it and the views alone make it worth while.

(google image search)

Next we went over to the Living Room where the atmosphere and general feeling of the place was completely different.  The living room is a lot smaller but also has some cool features to it.  At the back of the bar there is a white grand piano where the DJ stands and plays his “CD’s”.  Yes that’s right…he was going old school people.  It was actually refreshing to see him getting hyped on playing CD’s rather than the same old DJ act playing from the computer.  The living room was a little packed for my liking but luckily one of the girls got us into the VIP area where you could stand without being on top of one another. 

The last place we went is called Tantra.  Again, it was a completely different bar from the previous two we went to.  When walking down the stairs to get into the place your eyes are immediately drawn to the stripper pole and canopy beds that surround the dance floor and lounge area.  Luckily that night it was pretty busy so we were entertained by the drunk girls trying to ‘work it’ and the guys who had no shame trying to break it down on the dance floor haha. 

Didn't get any pics of people on the stripper pole...I'll save that for another time haha. (google image search)
All three places were fun but I must admit that my favorite part of the night was the late night eats.  Street meat ain’t got NOTHING on kabobs!  To be honest I can’t really remember what I had in my kabob wrap..lots of onions…meat…peppers?  All I know is that it was HUGE and delicious.  And I’m pretty sure the only reason I wasn’t hung over the next day was because the curry sauce on the kabob made me sweat out all of the alcohol I drank in my sleep….lovely mental image I know…
It looked just like this only BIGGER and with wayyyy more curry sauce. (google image search)
All in all it was a great first night out on the town.  I met some of the other girls I hadn't met yet, got familiar with the local bars, and figured out my favorite late night food.  I also realized that I may need to invest in some more clothes while I am here.  The girls seriously dress up when they go into town so my usual jeans and fancy top isn't going to cut it.  Luckily they have a couple of my FAVORITE stores here that I shop at back home.....T.K. Maxx anyone?  Yes I said T.K. Maxx not T.J. Maxx...they must be brothers....alright alright corny joke haha.

Yes I'm a nerd and took a picture haha
Since our girls night out..which was almost 2..3 weeks ago now (I can't keep the days straight!), Jordan and I have been settling into our new apartment and trying to familiarize ourselves with the town.  Here are some pics of our new place and the town we live in:

That’s all I have for today…I’ll be posting soon about my first football experience in Nottingham and I guess I should probably update you on Jordan's's not like we're living here because of it or anything ;o)


  1. I'm sorry, I should've told you about the postage stamps women in this country clothe themselves in. If you've got some gladiator heels, you should be okay for the winter.

  2. I so want to visit England. Especially recently im living vicariously through these pictures haha..

    Beautiful shots :) looks like you had fun!

  3. Looks like you are having a blast!!! and the apartment looks really nice:)

  4. I'm your new follower from TexaGermaNadian's Storyteller's Blog Hop. Great blog! Love the photos too.

    A Ladybug's Life


  5. I'll have to remember the curry sauce hangover cure trick!! Thanx for the tip, and have a great weekend!

  6. The town looks beautiful! And sounds like you are having a great time with the girls. Glad the move over has been easy. Thanks for joining in the hop this weekend, glad you did :)

  7. I love the looks of the Cathedral bar. It looks amazing. And there's just something about chicks in bars on the stripper poles. I can never seem to pry my eyes away. It's like the whole train wreck phenomenon. You don't WANT to see the horror and devastation transpiring right before you, but just can't seem to look away. Ah well. It's usually good for a laugh if nothing else.

  8. Looks like your adjusting well to the new place. When you know where the bars are and the shopping along with the great places to eat you know that your home at last!!